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Haro Bikes Welcomes New Supply Chain Director, Grasie Ooi

Aug 17, 2023

Vista, CA— As part of the brand’s global restructuring, Haro Bikes has hired Grasie Ooi who joined the team in April, as its new Supply Chain Director.

Prior to coming on board, Ooi worked for Blix Bicycles, Inc. as a Project Manager and later the Director of Business Operations & Analytics where she led the entire Blix Business Operations. In just two years with Blix, Ooi led Customer Operations, Warehouse Operations, 3PL Warehouse, Order Operations, Demand/Supply Planning, Logistics, and Showroom. She also executed high-impact strategic initiatives, drove business performance, re-engineered process workflows, created effective operations system, tools, and lean processes.

Ooi also worked for Fox Factory Holdings Corp. from 2003 through 2020, where she found success in several positions including Taiwan Regional Manager, helping set up Fox Factory, Taiwan from the ground up and established a successful Sales Operations team in Taiwan. She oversaw Sales Operations in the OEM Bicycle Division and transitioned to Manager of Global Distributors Planning and Forecast in the following years.

When asked what she was most excited about, Ooi commented, “Haro is an iconic and classic brand. We have a team of talented people who have the skills, passion, and drive to design and produce bikes that everyone loves. Haro will be the leading brand in many of the bike segments we offer. The future is limitless.”

“Haro has a growth mindset, is customer obsessed, diverse and inclusive,” commented Ooi. “It's an agile company that will move quickly and grow exponentially; the opportunity is very exciting. As we move towards a greener transportation world, our bicycles and e-bikes have ample growth potential for environment-conscious consumers and classic bicycle lovers on a global scale.”

Ooi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, Finance, X-Series Certificate in Supply Chain from MIT, Professional Sequence in International Business from UC Berkeley, Extension and Six Sigma Green Belt from San Jose State University.

Vista, CA—