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Jedi Survivor Sanctuary Temple Door Puzzle Guide

Jul 19, 2023

This guide will show you how to solve the door puzzle in the Sanctuary Temple where you are trying to locate Brother Armias in Star Wars Jedi Survivor!

The Sanctuary Temple door puzzle can seem confounding but it’s actually quite simple, just follow these steps to open the door and pass through!

First you must establish the pieces of the puzzle before you can put them together. Above the door to the sides are pulleys you can Force Pull. Pulling on these pulleys will lift a metal block and place it into a slot in the wall. When you let go of the pulley, the metal block will return to the ground.

To the sides are two halves of the door with half a red barrier on them. Near the door half to the left is a coupler where you can place the left pulley.

Start by pulling the left pulley down and place it into the coupler. Pull the left half of the door until it stops. Release the pulley then push the left half towards the left side, it won’t travel far and stop at the metal block.

Pull the right half of the door towards the center then quickly Force Pull the pulley and pull it back completely. This needs to be done while the right half of the door is moving.

When the two halves meet, simply Force Push the lock and you’ll be able to proceed!

This concludes my guide to the Sanctuary Temple Door Puzzle. For more, check out our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Guides Master List. You will find a ton of guides there, sorted by categories and types of content in the game.