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Across The Spider

Jun 07, 2023

Miles Morales has come a long way since his first appearance in Into The Spider-Verse. The new Spider-Man has continued to hone his abilities.

When audiences first met Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, he was just getting used to his newfound powers. However, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse has seen the hero develop a great deal since that initial appearance. He has honed his craft as a vigilante through plenty of successful neighborhood missions.

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Spider-Man adds a couple of other abilities to his arsenal in Across The Spider-Verse, while strengthening his existing skills. Ultimately, The Spot and Spider-Man 2099 will have a tough challenge besting Miles in Beyond The Spider-Versebecause of his dedication to self-improvement.

Miles Morales shares a few of his abilities with the other Spider-People, and his agility is one of them. The character is incredibly athletic and acrobatic, which is perfect when swinging across the city and navigating complex structures. It's also a vital skill to rely on during battle.

Morales seems a little quicker and much more unpredictable in his movements, giving him the edge against his enemies. The way he ducks and dives is certainly unconventional and has resulted in the character being able to use his agility to plan out his next action tactically. This was especially apparent in his battle against The Spot.

Miles Morales is an extraordinary Spider-Man variant who has completely mastered the art of wall walking. Although when he first developed his abilities, he felt nervous about fully pushing the wall walking to its limits, he now has complete faith in his powers.

Miles Morales is seen walking, running, and climbing across various structures in Across The Spider-Verse. One particularly memorable scene sees him sit upside-down at a great height with Gwen Stacy. It may be a beautiful way to see the city, but it's also a useful skill to throw into a conflict. Miles had to do a lot of wall running to escape Spider-Man 2099 and his allies.

Miles Morales, just like Peter Parker, utilizes a pair of web-shooters on his wrists. These are designed to fire synthetic webbing, but other Spider-People are able to create their own organic webbing. Regardless, Miles uses the tech to swing across the skies and through difficult terrain.

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Miles is an unconventional web-slinger with the Brooklyn Visions Academy student finding his own unique style. It's a useful ability to travel rapidly across a space and has been used in battle to help avoid attacks and launch special maneuvers. Flying foes like Vulture were far easier to face with Miles' web-slinging techniques.

Mile Morales' ability to web-sling is bested by his ability to web-shoot. The character can use his wrist gadgets as weapons, and as a device to save people. He can thus grab both his enemies and allies, either pulling them into a strike or rescuing them from certain doom.

Miles has used his web-shooters to hold structures together and can web up his opponents so they can no longer escape. Spider-Man has started to really get the hang of using his web-shooters in the right scenarios. He understands the importance of preserving the webbing as much as possible so that it's available when it's needed most.

One of the powers that Miles Morales gained by being bitten by the Earth-42 spider was super strength. The character's abilities are enhanced by his strength. For example, he can web-sling with more power due to this ability, while also jumping far greater distances and heights.

Miles' strikes pack a little more punch, with his close combat skills elevated by the strength he can utilize in each action. Miles can carry great loads and hold on to his opponents or innocent civilians to either apprehend or rescue. The strength is thus a versatile ability that applies to every aspect of being Spider-Man.

Miles Morales' spider-sense has not been portrayed as quite as strong or efficient as Peter Parker's. Nonetheless, Miles' warning signal is still very much active. A trademark of Spider-People across the Multiverse, the spider-sense alerts its user to imminent danger.

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For Miles, that means he can evade an attack or capture, and get prepared for the conflict that's about to come next. However, the sense can also alert Miles to an incoming negative situation he may want to avoid. It's essentially his flight or fight response turned up to eleven and has kept Miles safe throughout his journey.

One of Spider-Man's greatest secret weapons is his invisibility. Miles discovered the gift in Into The Spider-Verse and has continued to master it in Across The Spider-Verse. While it certainly has its flaws, Miles is able to camouflage and blend into his surrounding area.

Miles has used the ability to create a sneak attack or escape from pursuers without being detected. It's a power that Peter Parker wishes he had. The true limits of the power have to be tested, though, as it's unclear how long Miles can hold the invisibility or what technology might be able to detect it. It was useful enough in Across The Spider-Verse to help Miles reach the Go Home Machine.

Miles Morales has an electric-like venom power that can be used in two different ways. The first version is the venom punch or venom strike. Miles can begin a surge of electricity in his hand before using it as a weapon. Punching the enemy with his venom strike can send them flying backward and deal incredible damage.

Miles has begun to find variations on how he can use his venom punch to his advantage. He has learned that striking in the right areas can help to disable the enemy's technology and render larger foes unconscious. Although Miles might rarely use the power due to its incredible strength and unpredictability, it's a vital part of his arsenal.

Miles' venom blast is a step up from the traditional punch. Miles can channel that energy through his hand into an object, creating an explosive outcome. Spider-Punk taught Miles that he was best off using the palm of his hand for the ability and not just his fingers.

Miles uses the blast to break down the energy prison he had been trapped in by Spider-Man 2099. But he has also blasted enemies with the ability, placing his hands on the opponent before unleashing his full might. The consequences of such an explosion could cause severe danger, though, if operated in an unstable backdrop.

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